Jet Ski Lift Services

Radtke offers premium jet ski lifts that come equipped with stability, reliability, and performance season after season to keep you on the water. Careful construction and premium components make our jet ski lifts the most trusted in the industry and the easiest to install and own.

Built upon proven technology for years of dependable use, the Radtke jet ski lift is one of the best personal watercraft lifts on the market. With several convenient features available, the lift optimizes your time getting on and off the water. This personal watercraft is compatible with your Sea-Doo, Waverunner, or other PWC mode. Whichever brand you prefer, our lifts help you enjoy your time on the lake.

Benefits of a Boat Lift

Your jet ski was not built to be drug across a shore, doing this will ruin your hull and your back. Raise and lower your jet ski or light craft without strain or damage with a Radtke jet ski lift. Made as a single or a double jet ski lift, capacities range from small to large jet skis, and all models offer the benefits of all-aluminum construction – lightweight, high strength, and rust-free corrosion resistance.

Traditional electronic and metal PWC lifts are mean to remain in the water and cannot be removed from the water easily. Doing so can cause extra wear and tear, as well as negatively impact marine life. Radtke’s PWC and jet ski lifts are designed to be portable, allowing you to easily transport your PWC and floating PWC lift in the off-season to indoor storage. Uninstalling your jet ski dock is simple and will help prolong the life of your jet ski.

Boat Lift Options

There are many different types of marine lift and hoists designed for various types of boats and watercrafts. When looking for a boat lift, you will want to know your boat’s loaded weight and beam. You also need to be familiar with the area where the lift would need to be installed. Water depth measurements, soil firmness, and various other considerations should be taken when searching for the proper lift system for your boat.

Radtke Contractors offers various boat lift options:

  • Seasonal (removeable)
  • Permanent
  • Customizable and versatile