Kayak Lift Services

Radtke offers docks and accessories for launching your kayak, canoe, or other small craft. Launching your kayak, canoe, or other small craft from your dock can be a difficult task, especially if your water level fluctuates. We have a variety of products to help you easily and safely launch your kayak or other small craft from your dock.

You most likely love to be on the water, enjoying the scenery, discovering new things, and breathing in the fresh air as you explore in your kayak. Getting in your kayak is a different story. Is your dock too high to safely launch your kayak? Does your dock even have a ladder down to the water? Have you come up with a method to launch your kayak that is very awkward and uncomfortable?

A Radtke kayak lift is manufactured to withstand a lot of environmental changes. Our kayak lifts are designed for maximum stability, superior durability, and provide maximum reliability and performance to provide superior watercraft protection. Our boat lifts come in various forms and always offer the reliability you need to protect your watercraft.

Benefits of a kayak lift

The kayak hoist is the perfect option if you’re looking to clear up floor or wall space in your garage, shed, or boathouse. This easy-to-use kayak lift is an entire hoist system that allows you to effortlessly store your kayak or canoe. Do yourself a favor and pick up the kayak lift to organize and reduce your home or boathouse’s clutter!

Radtke Contractors offers various boat lift options:

  • Seasonal (removeable)
  • Permanent
  • Customizable and versatile