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Marine Division
Boat Lifts

Our equipment is always well maintained and can handle any marine building projects.


Radtke Contractors knows that it takes not only experience to get the job done, but also the necessary equipment.  We've recently added to our marine equipment base, providing an even greater amount of strength and force to complete your unique shoreline project.  The marine equipment we own includes:


  • Tug Boats - Our two large tugboats with pilot houses are strong, providing the muscle needed to push barges and other marine contracting equipment.
  • Spud Barges and Crane Barges - In essence a large flat-bottomed boat, Radtke's crane spud and spud barges are used to transport heavy cranes and machinery, which allows us to install our marine structures.
  • Cranes - Once the equipment is on site, the crane will be used as required to install your new shoreline system.
  • Down Hole Rock Hammers & Drills - Used to drill holes into stone and are capable of providing permanent piling foundations.

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