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Boat Lifts

Completely customizable and a beautiful addition to any property.


Radtke docks and piers are a beautiful addition to any waterfront property, providing safe and easy access to the nearby water for recreation, relaxation and utility.  Our docks are completely customizable, available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


After acquiring any necessary permits, Radtke Contractors will design, build and install your dock with safety and detail in mind.  By attaching it to a wharf, seawall, landing or riprap, we are able to ensure a secure installation and enhance the lifetime of the structure.  If a temporary structure is needed, we are happy to offer our clients the removable Radtke seasonal dock.


Regardless of the dock type or size, our sturdy, solid, reinforced docks come with the guarantee you will add unbeatable value to your waterfront home or property.  Maintenance options are also available.


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