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Drainage Plans

Drainage Plans
Drainage Plans
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Radtke engineers custom design and plan drainage systems to allow for single-source contracting.

When trees and vegetation are removed, or concrete is paved over soil, it prevents the natural absorption of water into the earth. That’s why a state-approved drainage plan is needed before any project can get off the ground. Radtke Contactors’ engineers can design your custom drainage plan in-house, eliminating the need to work with any other contracted service provider.


In designing your drainage plan, we take into consideration surface (i.e. rain, sleet, snow) and groundwater levels. By assessing current and potential water maintenance and drainage, we’re able to best advise how to proceed in drainage infrastructure installation.


Elements of Radtke Contractor drainage plans may include (but are not limited to):

  • Detention ponds
  • Drainage and plot design
  • Drainage evaluation
  • Drywell design
  • Soil evaluation
  • Underground storage tanks

Plus, by working with Radtke Contractors, we maintain all liability and responsibility if the drainage plan is installed and maintained to its exact specifics, taking the stress off of you and your business.

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