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Radtke installs culverts and storm and sanitary sewers for both private parties and municipalities.

By trusting Radtke Contractors to fulfill all of your onsite installation needs, you’re guaranteed to receive quality service that fits seamlessly into your overall project plan. From drainage culverts to water utilities, we have you covered.

Culvert Installation

Working with both private parties and municipalities, Radtke Contractors has the ability to set culvert grades and complete ultimate installation. We have experience installing culverts for drainage and flowage purposes in a variety of applications, including:

  • Stream, creek and other flowing waters
  • Roadside and driveway ditches
  • Roadway cross drainage

We provide culverts made from many materials, such as corrugated metal, plastic, concrete, polyurethane and wood. Radtke Contractors provides not only culvert design and installation services, but also maintenance and removal if necessary.

Storm and Sanitary Sewer Installation

Radtke Contractors team of experienced, licensed plumbers can install storm sewers, sanitary sewers and water utilities for projects of any size, depth, condition and scope. We have the equipment and manpower needed to deliver these services on-time and on-budget.

Consider working with Radtke Contractors on your next sewer or utility project:

  • Residential and commercial
  • Municipal sites
  • Roadway and sidewalk drainage
  • Parking lots

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