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Removal Services

Removal Services
Drainage Plans
Grading & Leveling
Removal Services

Removal of materials by Radtke Contractors ensures safety and efficiency.

Removal services of site materials can be just as important as the site work or construction itself. Radtke Contractors offers removal services of many materials.


Radtke Contractors delivers snow removal services for municipal roads and commercial parking lots using a fleet of:

  • Rubber-tired loaders (three- to seven-yard buckets)
  • Graders
  • Seven salt trucks (each equipped with plow and wing)
  • Pick-up trucks with plows
  • Skid steers equipped with broom
  • Blower
  • Buckets

Our snow removal and plowing differentiation lies in our attention to salt technology and efficiencies. Adding the agricultural bi-product Geomelt® to our road salt acts as a catalyst to increase its thawing speed and longevity, while lowering the temperature performance of application as well. This reduces the amount of salt required with a more environmentally-friendly chemical process.

Asphalt and Concrete

During parking lot and road preparation, we work hard to provide the best results in both cutting and removal. We offer these services in new site development as well as replacement and repair of existing lots.


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