Radtke’s Docks are both beautiful and practical for anyone that enjoys Wisconsin’s waterways. Each product is designed to your needs providing many years of enjoyment. Permanent docks have pilings that are driven deep into the floor of the waterway providing structural stability. Seasonal docks are manufactured with steel piles and a steel frame. The engineering of our seasonal docks creates a luxury of having the stability of a permanent dock while still enjoying all the benefits of a seasonal dock.  We will remove your seasonal dock each year after the boating season, store it on your shore or at a remote location, and install it before the start of the upcoming boating season.  Boatlifts, Seawalls, and/or Riprap  are commonly built in conjunction with both our permanent and seasonal docks for added enjoyment and environmental protection.

  • Seasonal(removable)

  • Permanent

  • Customizable and versatile