Dock Services

A Radtke dock is designed to fit each individuals needs. Radtke docks and piers are a beautiful addition to any waterfront property, providing safe and easy access to the nearby water for recreation, relaxation and utility. Our docks are completely customizable, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can depend on us for the high-quality craftsmanship and dependability you deserve. Our docks are designed for maximum stability, superior durability, and provide maximum reliability and performance.

Radtke’s Docks are both beautiful and practical for anyone that enjoys Wisconsin’s waterways. Each product is designed to your needs providing many years of enjoyment. Permanent docks have pilings that are driven deep into the floor of the waterway providing structural stability. Seasonal docks are manufactured with steel piles and a steel frame. The engineering of our seasonal docks creates a luxury of having the stability of a permanent dock while still enjoying all the benefits of a seasonal dock. We will remove your seasonal dock each year after the boating season, store it on your shore or at a remote location, and install it before the start of the upcoming boating season. Boatlifts, Seawalls, and/or Riprap are commonly built in conjunction with both our permanent and seasonal docks for added enjoyment and environmental protection.

Professional Boat Docks

Radtke Contractors provides high-performance boat docks are available in various styles and materials. These boat docks protect watercraft from the elements and also provide a place to launch your vessel for a day out on the water.

Stationary Boat Dock

Stationary docks or a fixed dock, provide a stable option for areas with high traffic, occasional wakes, and minimal tide changes. These types of boat docks are secured to the bottom of the water using pilings. Our stationary boat docks help minimize swaying and provide stable walking with maximum strength.

Roll-In Docks

Roll-in docks are great for if you want to remove your boat dock in the off-season. They are available in straight and patio layouts and are equipped with dock wheels to make removing from the water quick and easy. Although these boat docks are lightweight by design, they are strong and sturdy enough for boat mooring.

Floating Boat Docks

For more versatility, the floating dock option may be the perfect choice. These docks are great for lakes and rivers with fluctuating water levels, seasonal tide changes, and possible flooding.

Dock Options

There are many different types of marine docks and piers designed for various types of boats and watercrafts. When looking for a boat dock, you will want to know your ideal dock size. You also need to be familiar with the area where the lift would need to be installed. Water depth measurements, soil firmness, and various other considerations should be taken when searching for the proper dock system for your boat.