Marine Manufacturing & Construction for Wisconsin

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Radtke’s Marine Division designs, manufactures, constructs, and installs seawalls, wharves, jet-ski lifts, and permanent and seasonal docks & boatlifts.  We also perform foundation piling, dredging, and rock rip rap services.

Our Marine Division has built a local reputation second to none due to the expertise and quality construction provided for every project. The day your marine structures are installed you significantly increase the value of your home or property. Our Marine Division has worked with and consulted for a variety of industries and clients, including:

We manufacture our own docks, seawalls, wharves and boat lifts – there is no “middle-man” involved.

Marine Construction Expertise

Our equipment is always well maintained and can handle any marine building projects.

Radtke Contractors knows that it takes not only experience to get the job done, but also the necessary equipment.  We’ve recently added to our marine equipment base, providing an even greater amount of strength and force to complete your unique shoreline project.  The marine equipment we own includes:

  • Tug Boats – Our two large tugboats with pilot houses are strong, providing the muscle needed to push barges and other marine contracting equipment.
  • Spud Barges and Crane Barges – In essence a large flat-bottomed boat, Radtke’s crane spud and spud barges are used to transport heavy cranes and machinery, which allows us to install our marine structures.
  • Cranes – Once the equipment is on site, the crane will be used as required to install your new shoreline system.
  • Down Hole Rock Hammers & Drills – Used to drill holes into stone and are capable of providing permanent piling foundations.

Completely customizable and a beautiful addition to any property.

Radtke docks and piers are a beautiful addition to any waterfront property, providing safe and easy access to the nearby water for recreation, relaxation and utility.  Our docks are completely customizable, available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

After acquiring any necessary permits, Radtke Contractors will design, build and install your dock with safety and detail in mind.  By attaching it to a wharf, seawall, landing or riprap, we are able to ensure a secure installation and enhance the lifetime of the structure.  If a temporary structure is needed, we are happy to offer our clients the removable Radtke seasonal dock.

Regardless of the dock type or size, our sturdy, solid, reinforced docks come with the guarantee you will add unbeatable value to your waterfront home or property.  Maintenance options are also available.

Radtke wharves are proven to last against the toughest weather and wave conditions.

Radtke wharves are useful for boat mooring in both commercial and recreational instances.  They create additional area for docking, loading and unloading, and are available in a variety of widths and lengths.

After building your wharf directly to your property’s land, you have the option of leaving its water-facing side open or installing a rear wall for added shoreline protection.  Each customizable Radtke wharf is supported by solid piles that will hold up in the toughest weather and wave conditions.

Radtke Contractor’s rock riprap protects valuable shoreline and improves the natural habitat.

Over the course of time, waves generated by wind and boat wakes, currents and ice erode your shoreline soil, washing away your costly lakefront property.  You can protect your valuable waterfront investment with rock riprap installed by Radtke Contractors.

Radtke rock riprap is blasted from area limestone, absorbing and minimizing the impact of impeding waves with utmost protection.  Before installing your riprap, we will assess your shoreline’s unique properties to mitigate any future problems or maintenance concerns.  After installation, we finish by raking out topsoil as a complimentary finishing touch.

Along with protecting your waterfront investment, rock riprap dresses up your shoreline while providing a habitat of your shoreline.  Available in a range of sizes, it is the “natural choice” for shoreline protection.

Seawalls, built by Radtke, enhance and preserve coastline property.

Radtke seawalls preserve and beautify your coastline property, minimizing damage from unwieldy conditions.  Whether vertical, curved or stepped in structure, they serve as a wave-break, repelling water back with ease.

Our seawalls are made from Southern yellow pine, including a galvanized steel tie beam system and are guaranteed to prevent soil from being pulled into the water and away from your waterfront property.

Many times we install seawalls in combination with rock riprap on its face to create a natural habitat for fish and other shoreline animals.  We also welcome the incorporation of any shoreline plantings or structures into seawall design, such as docks, wall decks and boat lifts.

Built of the highest-quality wood, Radtke boat lifts and accessories are designed for any type of watercraft.

Radtke boat lifts come in many different styles and sized to fit your needs.  They’re also easily adjustable in case you should change boating vehicles in the future.

From boat shelters to piling, Radtke custom boat lifts and accessories can accommodate any tupe of watercraft including:

  • Canoes/Kayaks
  • Cruisers
  • Jet Skis/Jet Boats (Cantilever Lifts)
  • Pontoons/Deck Boats
  • Sailboats
  • Speed Boats
  • Specialty Boats

As with all our structures, the Radtke boat lift is built with the highest-quality, treated Southern yellow pine, secured to a high grade, welded, steel superstructure.  This translates into reliability – a foundational trait that is key to the lift of any boat lift investment.

Attached to a seawall, wharf or at the end of your dock, the Radtke boat lift is the perfect addition to your shore system.  Each boat lift is constructed using best industry practices and standards, combined with continuous design and building innovation.

Marine Projects