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Need a custom dock built for your home or commercial property? Please contact the expert Appleton dock builders at Radtke Contractors.


With decades of experience in constructing docks, you can rely on our Appleton dock builders' quality work and certified contractors to get the job done right. We are experts in both permanent and seasonal docks. To get started with your dock building project, please give us a call today at (920) 582-4114.

We Build Custom Docks​

Our Appleton dock builders construct custom docks to improve your waterfront experience at your home or commerical property. Invest in a custom dock for your cabin.


Why invest in a custom dock? As a boat, fishing, or swimming enthusiast, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Easy access to the water

  • Better security for your watercraft

  • Custom docks increase your property’s value

  • Great for other uses such as swimming, fishing, kayaking, or relaxation

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Floating Dock Temporary Seasonal Dock

Types of Docks

What is a Seasonal Dock?

Seasonal docks are great for removing when the weather gets colder during the Wisconsin winter. They are also a great alternative if you are unable to have a permanent dock installed on your property. You can either have a dock builder construct a:

  • Piling dock: A dock with a large wooden beam deep into the ground. This type of dock is a durable choice that can withstand strong currents. Great choice for larger watercraft.

  • Floating dock: This type of dock is a large platform that is placed over airtight drums that float on top of the water. These docks are highly adaptable. When severe weather is on the horizon, a floating dock can be easily removed and added back when the coast is clear. More information here in our article about why you should choose a floating dock.

  • Pipe dock: A dock that is constructed with an aluminum frame with removeable docking, albeit they are less stable than piling docks. This type of dock is a great solution if you have shallow water.


What is a Permanent Dock?

A permanent dock will provide better stability than a seasonal dock. Our Appleton dock builders can build a:

  • Crib dock: Crib docks are constructed out of cribs, or wooden frames/crates. These are installed along the bottom and are exceptionally durable. The drawback to a crib dock is their expense. They can also disturb the natural flow of water.

  • Suspension dock: This dock type, which is also sometimes called a cantilevered dock, hangs over the water with cables and anchorage. A suspension dock is a permanent solution that’s perfect for your boat while also having little impact on the environment.



Your Local Dock Builders in Appleton


Our local dock builders have proudly served the Appleton, Oshkosh, and surrounding areas in Wisconsin since we opened our doors in 1965. We are happy to serve you in any way we can - whether that's building a permanent dock or a seasonal dock for your residential or commercial property.  We help educate our customers so that you understand the dock building process as well and can assist you with choosing the right docking material, overall cost, and any other questions. See here for 7 things to consider before building a dock.


When you choose Radtke Contractors, know that you are choosing a team of certified professionals with years of professional training. We regularly attend training and safety meetings to make sure that our knowledge is up-to-date. With safety being our number one priority, we build docks with the durability and functionality you are looking for. Contact us to get an estimate on your overall dock cost.

Give Our Appleton Dock Builders a Call Today!

No matter if you need custom seasonal or permanent docks, boat lifts, riprap, or seawall construction services, Radtke Contractors can handle it all! Give our Appleton dock builders a call today at (920) 582-4114.

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