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Boat Lift Installations


The ease and security of a Radtke boat lift is essential for those who have experience with the alternative, launching a watercraft in and out of the water while wrestling with a trailer and parking at the local public boat ramp.

Our boat lifts are manufactured with a steel superstructure. The walk-around-cradle provides convenient access to all areas of the watercraft for cleaning, covering, maintenance, and on/off boarding. They are designed for maximum stability, superior durability and reliability, and peak performance to protect your watercraft. At Radtke, our marine contractors will design your boat lift for any type of watercraft and can easily convert your existing boat lift to accommodate different boat types after purchase.

Radtke Contractors, Inc. has decades of experience building boat lifts. We manufacture our boat lifts with a steel superstructure. Featuring a walk-around-cradle, the boat lift provides convenient access to all areas of the watercraft. This is incredibly helpful for cleaning, covering, maintenance, and boarding on and off the watercraft. Our boat lifts are designed for maximum stability, durability, and reliability, to protect your watercraft and keep you safe. Our boat lift installers have extensive experience working with virtually any boat lift type. These include canoes, kayaks, cruisers, jet skis, pontoons, sailboats, and speed boats. In addition, we can skillfully convert your current boat lift to accommodate different boat types after purchase.

Benefits of Boat Lifts:
  • Requires less maintenance

  • Prevents marine growth from accumulating on outdrives

  • Keeps your boat looking new for years and protects your investment

  • During inclement weather, keeps your boat from accidentally hitting dock

  • Much faster access to the water

One of the major advantages to investing in a boat lift is security. With a boat lift, you will never have to worry about your boat drifting off or it crashing against the dock. Neither will you have to worry about the boat sinking at the dock. In addition, marine growth is less likely to happen, since your boat will be safely suspended above the water. This means that you are less likely to have to apply bottom paint.

In addition to providing safety and security for your boat, boat lifts also protect your watercraft from the possibility of corrosion. A boat stored in a boat lift is also quite a bit less subject to indents and scratches, maintaining the value of your boat. When you store your boat in a lift near the water, you also eliminate needing to launch from a trailer with each boating outing.

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Canoes & Kayak Lifts

Do you often experience difficultly getting in and out of your kayak or canoe? The boat lift installers at Radtke Contractors knows that struggling to get in and out of your kayak takes away from the overall experience of enjoying the scenery around you on the water. You can reduce the time, energy, and stress of manually launching and stowing your kayak by having our team install a kayak lift. In addition, to making your kayak experience overall more convenient, our kayak lifts are also specially manufactured to withstand harsh environmental conditions. You can rely on their stability, durability, reliability, and longevity.

In addition to kayak lifts and canoe lifts, our boat lift installers provide various other boat lift options.

Cruisers & Jet Ski Lifts

Radtke provides careful construction of jet ski lifts that are built to last season after season. Each one we design is meticulously constructed to ensure stability, reliability, and performance. Our jet ski lifts stand out from the crowd because of the careful construction and premium components we use. In fact, since our jet ski lifts are built upon proven technology for years of dependable use, the Radtke jet ski lift is among the most desired watercraft lifts. Make the docking process a smoother one and give the experts at Radtke a call today! Radtke will install the perfect lift for your watercraft.

Our cruiser lifts and jet ski lifts are both customizable and versatile. In addition, your cruiser or jet ski lifts can either be installed as a permanent or seasonal installation.

With a Radtke jet ski lift, you can easily and safely raise and lower your jet ski or light craft without strain or damage. We can custom design your lift as either a single or double jet ski lift. Our jet ski lift capacities can range from small to large jet skis. In addition, our lifts are designed to be portable, which makes for easy transportation.

Pontoon Boat Lifts

Easily one of the most popular boats today, pontoon boats are a large, but rewarding investment. If you're looking to buy a pontoon boat, Radtke Contractors can help you store your pontoon boat safely so that your watercraft is entirely out of the water. With our pontoon boat lift control, you can be out of the water in just minutes. This helps to save you time and energy and help you enjoy your time fishing and boating.

In addition, with our pontoon boat lifts, you'll find that storing your boat is a simple and stress-free process. Furthermore, our boat lifts are also highly resistant to impact and low-water damage, defying rust, corrosion, and the elements. This helps to protect your pontoon for many years to come. In addition, Radtke pontoon boat lifts are customizable, expandable, and interchangeable, making them extremely versatile for your convenience.

Our boat lift installers offer multiple pontoon boot lift options for either permanent or seasonal/temporary installation.


Are you the proud owner of a sailboat? Sailboat lifts help you easily and securely get out onto the water much faster. At Radtke Contractors, all of our sailboat lifts are manufactured with great attention to detail and with a steel superstructure. The walk-around-cradle provides you easy access to all sides of the watercraft for cleaning, covering, and maintenance alike. In addition, our sailboat lifts are designed for superior stability, durability, and reliability. Furthermore, our sailboat lifts are completely customizable for any type of boat. Their versatility makes it easy to convert them to accommodate various types of boats.

When looking for a sailboat lift, you'll need to be aware of your boat's loaded weight and beam. In addition, you'll need to be familiar with the area where you need the lift installed. The experts at Radtke will need to assess the measurements of the water's depth, the soil firmness, and other factors. This is to ensure we install the sailboat lift properly.

Radtke Contractors offers various watercraft lift options for your sailboats that are both customizable and versatile. Our sailboat lifts are designed to suspend a boat above the water, and can be either a personal dock or a commercial dock. To get your own custom permanent or temporary sailboat lift, please reach out to the experts at Radtke Contractors today!

Speed Boats

After an enjoyable day on the water, treat yourself to the ease of a speed boat lift. Here at Radtke, our custom-designed speed boat lifts are manufactured with a steel superstructure for maximum strength and durability. Furthermore, the convenience of the walk-around-cradle provides the speed boat owner with easy access to all sides of the boat for cleaning, maintenance, and more. Our speed boat lifts are manufactured for superior durability, reliability, and longevity so that you can enjoy your boat for many years to come.

Our speed boat lifts are highly versatile and customizable. After purchase, you can customize your lift for any type of boat to accommodate. In addition, there are quite a few different marine lifts we can build for you. There are many different types of marine lift and hoists designed for various types of boats and watercrafts. In addition, we can build either a seasonal or a permanent speed boat lift installation for a personal or commercial dock. Enjoy security, less chance of marine growth, protection from corrosion with a speed boat lift from Radtke Contractors.

Why Choose Our Boat Lift Installers?

Radtke Contractors Inc. has been in business since 1965. Each of our boat lift installers is a certified professional with many years of experience in the industry. Based in Winneconne, WI area, we serve Oshkosh, the Fox Cities, and beyond. If you need professional boat lift installers to install a quality lift for your speedboat, pontoon boat, kayak, or other watercraft, please reach out to our team today.

Built of the highest-quality wood, Radtke boat lifts and accessories are designed for any type of watercraft and come in many different styles and sizes to fit your needs. Our highest-quality wood is treated southern yellow pine, secured to a high grade, welded, steel superstructure. This translates into the foundational trait, otherwise known as reliability, which is key to any boat lift investment.


Even better, our boat lift installers can easily adjust your lift for the next size watercraft you purchase! Our custom lifts can accommodate any of the following watercrafts:

Contact Us


Need a boat lift installation? Please reach out to our team to discuss your options for a quality Radtke boat lift. Our boat lift installers will be happy to discuss your kayak, jet ski, pontoon, or sailboat lift installation!


To get started, give our boat lift installers a call at 920-582-4114 today!

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