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Looking for excavation contractors in the Winneconne and Oshkosh, WI area? Our Excavation Division delivers quality earthwork services to customers in commercial, industrial, and residential markets.

From ditches and land sculpting, to retention ponds and bridges; we guarantee our excavators will work diligently in order to keep projects running smoothly. We deliver excellent turnaround on-time and on-budget.



Radtke Contractors has been providing professional excavation services since our beginnings in 1965. Our qualified heavy equipment operators are trained and have the experience to be the best. Our excavation company guarantees that safety and efficiency will remain top priority.


In addition, our excavation equipment is well-maintained, translating into less potentially hazardous onsite work conditions. Give our excavation contractors a call at (920) 582-4114 today!



Our excavating company provides road construction, building excavation, dredging, commercial grading, industrial grading, river/creek construction, shoreline protection, demolition, and other excavation construction services.


We are happy to assist with recommendations, but also welcome your custom job proposals. We offer not only experienced onsite workers who understand the intricacies of Midwestern soil and rock, but also valuable project managers to keep communication clear and continuous. Ultimately, this results in excavation project success that will exceed your expectations.


Road Construction

Trail Construction

Building Excavation

Pond Construction



Commercial Grading

Industrial Grading

Residential Grading

Athletic Fields

River/Creek Construction

Shoreline Protection

Soil/Slope Stabilization



Road Construction

Need a road construction service in the Winneconne, WI area and beyond? Our road construction experts have decades of experience excavating road construction sites safely and professionally. So if you need to widen your road, or create more lanes to make additional room for asphalt or concrete, give Radtke a call! We handle each and every road construction project with punctuality and professionalism. 

Trail Construction

Are you working for a nature reserve, park, or bike trail? Radtke Contractors is your source for excavation for trail construction. We can safely clear and build trails so that your visitors can enjoy nature with plenty of room to safely walk, jog, or bike. 

Building Excavation

Building a new building? Radtke's excavation contractors are here to make the process of building your new structures smoother. We are here to assist with planning, permits and insurance, site preparation, and more. Talk with our building excavation contractors for more info.

Pond Construction

Have a dream pond that you've always meant to have in your yard? Give our excavation company a call! We can excavate for residential ponds, or ponds for businesses, campgrounds, golf courses, and municipalities. Having a pond properly constructed the right way makes for a healthy, lifelong pond.


We also can excavate and place culverts to channel water past any obstacle which typically run under. Often, culverts are constructed of pipes, or reinforced concrete. Our excavation contractors can assist you with choosing the right culvert for your construction project.


Need to clean out the bed of a river, harbor, pond, or creek? The professionals at Radtke Contractors utilize the latest machinery and equipment to perform dredging for our customers. Dredging is a good choice for whenever you need to improve any existing water features, reshape land or water to change drainage, or create deeper water.

Commercial, Residential, & Industrial Grading

Radtke Contractors also provides commercial residential, commercial, and industrial site grading for construction projects. Site grading and shoreline grading are important aspects to the effectiveness of any land development project. Contact our excavation company today for more information about our grading, and estimated cost of your project.

Athletic Fields 


Contact our team today for construction of athletic fields for schools, baseball fields, football fields, and more. Our excavation contractors provide site inventory, consultation, renovation, and more. Give our team a call today for how we can improve your existing athletic field.

River/Creek Construction

Our team is committed to providing the best river and creek excavation services. Whether you need to clean up a natural river or creek, or need to create one for your landscape, our experts can assist. Dream up your river or creek, and we can make that dream a reality!


Shoreline/Soil/Slope Protection

A shoreline or slopes of a residential or commercial property is likely to wear down over time due to inclement weather or wear and tear from waves. With the erosion of soil, you'll need to periodically have professional shoreline protection services come and inspect the area of concern. Contact Radtke Contractors today and we'll discuss shoreline stabilization techniques with you to better protect your shoreline.

Dewatering Services

Radtke Contractors can handle any dewatering service you need - from deep well watering, to wellpoint dewatering installation, to sock tile trenching. Give our team of excavation contractors a call today for expert dewatering services.

Demolition Services

Need a demolition service? Look no further than Radtke Contractors to provide demolition services for your buildings. Offering both residential and commercial services, we follow safety standards to ensure the safety of everyone.




Why choose Radtke Contractors for your excavation construction project? You will want to choose us because we provide:

  • A project that is on time and on budget

  • Increased turnaround

  • High quality workmanship and flexibility




Need an excavation project? Radtke has specialized in excavation since day one in 1965. Our excavation company will provide you with exemplary service and the results you deserve. When you choose our company, know that our excavation contractors expertly handle any and every project involving ditches, land sculpting, retention ponds, bridges, soil, and rock.


For additional information, questions or a consultation, contact us today!

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