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Radtke Contractors specializes in professional kayak lift installations! Our experts have years of experience in the industry with marine contracting work and boat lift installations. How many times have you struggled with your kayak or paddle boards by climbing a ladder in and out of the water? What about managing the awkward shape and weight of a kayak when water levels fluctuate or there are significant waves?

Especially when the water levels fluctuate on a lake, launching your kayak safely and without great effort becomes increasingly difficult. Your overall experience on the water while enjoying the scenery, exploring, and breathing fresh air is everything. Our professional kayak lift experts will install the right kayak dock launch!

The team at Radtke will install a kayak ramp and lift system that helps you easily get into and out of your kayak. To get started on your kayak lift installation, please give our team a call at (920) 582-4114 today.​


Why Kayak Ramps?

Eliminate the time, energy, and stress of manually launching and stowing your kayak by having our team install a kayak ramp or lift! Our kayak launches are manufactured to withstand harsh environmental conditions or high water level. Each is designed with maximum stability, durability, reliability, and protection so you can safely launch - no problem!

Besides kayak launches, Radtke Contractors offers various watercraft lift options, both customizable and versatile. All watercraft lifts and docks/piers are available for permanent or seasonal (removable) installation. In addition to kayak lift installations, we also provide lifts for canoes, jet skis, WaveRunners, pontoons, deck boats, sailboats, speed boats, and cruisers.

Installation Process of a Kayak Lift

The process of installing a kayak lift involves several important steps to ensure safety and functionality. You and your kayak lift installer should discuss and implement all the following steps:

  1. Site Selection: First, choose a location that offers sufficient water depth for the lift and easy access for launching and retrieving your kayak. The area should also accommodate the size of the lift and provide clearance for raising the kayak without hitting any obstructions.

  2. Assembly of the Lift: Kayak lifts typically come in parts that need to be assembled either on the shoreline or in shallow water. This includes putting together the frame, cables, and pulley systems.

  3. Positioning the Lift: Carefully move the assembled lift into the desired position. This may require the use of flotation devices or a small boat to help maneuver it into place.

  4. Securing the Lift: Once the lift is properly positioned, your marine contractor will secure it with anchors or piles driven into the lakebed or riverbed to stabilize it against the movement caused by waves or currents.

  5. Adjustments for Fit: Next, your kayak lift installer will configure the lift to suit the specific size and shape of your kayak. This could involve setting the correct width and ensuring that the kayak will be well-supported by the lift.

  6. Testing: Before using the lift regularly, test it with your kayak to confirm that it functions smoothly and can safely lift and lower the kayak without any problems.

Benefits of Kayak Lifts for Docks

See all benefits of having kayak lifts for docks installed below:

  • Allows for a safe and stable launch from your permanent or floating dock

  • Is designed for maximum comfort

  • Accommodates many kayak sizes and styles

  • Allows for easy re-entry

  • Is suitable for one-person operation


Kayak Lift & Ramp FAQs

How to launch a kayak?

Kayaking is a fun outdoor activity! Here is how to safely launch your kayak. Prior to launching, be sure you are wearing a life jacket in the event you capsize your kayak, and always be aware of other boats or people around. To start launching, first carefully place the kayak into the water and make sure it is stable before sitting down. Once you are seated, push off from the dock and use the paddle to steer away from the dock and out into the water.

What is the proper way to sit in the kayak?

For best comfort while sitting in a kayak, you'll first want to position yourself on the seat with your hips against the backrest, sit up straight with your feet flat on the footrests, adjust your footrests and seat to a comfortable position if needed, and keep your knees bent slightly. Be sure to keep a balanced position while you sit.

How do I handle the kayak if it flips over?

If you accidentally capsize your kayak, stay calm. While in the water, hold onto your kayak and stay close to it. Usually it's easy enough to roll the kayak back upright. However, if you aren't able to turn it upright again or you too far away and can't swim towards it, signal for help. It is always best to train everyone in your family or any friends who are using a kayak on what to do if the boat capsizes. And you'll want to always make sure that you and everyone else you are out kayaking with are wearing a properly fitting lifejacket.

Why Choose Radtke for a Kayak Lift Installation?​

Our kayak installers have nearly six decades of combined experience with marine construction services. You can trust our team because we are:

  • Experienced team, serving the Winneconne, WI community and beyond since 1965

  • Trained, certified kayak launch professionals with continuous, up-to-date training

  • Professionals with thorough boat lift installation and marine construction experience!

Contact the Kayak Lift Installation Experts!

Safely launch with a Radtke kayak lift! Radtke Contractors offers various boat lift options, click here to check them out! To get started with your kayak lift installation, please give our team a call today at 920-582-4114. Get out on the water sooner and with no hassle with a Radtke kayak dock launches!

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