Radtke Contractors specializes in professional kayak lift installations. Our experts have years of experience in the industry and will install a kayak lift that helps you easily get into and out of your kayak. How many times have you struggled with your kayak by climbing a ladder in and out of the water? What about managing the awkward shape and weight of a kayak when water levels fluctuate? At Radtke, our kayak lift installers understand the inconvenience this brings!


Especially when the water levels fluctuate on a lake, launching your kayak safely and without great effort becomes increasingly difficult. Your overall experience on the water while enjoying the scenery, exploring, and breathing fresh air is everything and our professional kayak lift experts will install the right one for your needs. To get started, please give our team a call at  920-582-4114  today.

Kayak Lift Installations


Eliminate the time, energy, and stress of manually launching and stowing your kayak by having our team install a Radtke lift. Our kayak lifts are manufactured to withstand harsh environmental conditions and designed with maximum stability, durability, reliability, and protection.

Radtke Contractors offers various watercraft lift options, both customizable and versatile. All watercraft lifts and docks/piers are available for permanent or seasonal (removable) installation. In addition to kayak lifts, we also provide lift installations for canoes, jet skis, WaveRunners, pontoons, deck boats, sailboats, speed boats, and cruisers. See our other boat lift installation services below:

Other Boat Lift Types:​

Kayaks & Canoes

Jet Skis & WaveRunners

Pontoons & Deck Boats


Speed Boats & Cruisers



There are many benefits to investing in kayak lifts for docks. Having a kayak lift installation added to your dock or seawall will help to reduce the chance of capsizing your kayak. Built for comfort, your lift will be installed at a certain angle to make boarding the kayak easier. At Radtke, our lifts accommodate kayaks with varying widths and different sizes or styles. Enjoy a lift that's easily operable for one person. See all benefits below:

  • Allows for a safe and stable launch

  • Is designed for maximum comfort

  • Accommodates many kayak sizes and styles

  • Allows for easy re-entry

  • Is suitable for one-person operation

The kayak hoist is the perfect option if you’re looking to clear up floor or wall space in your garage, shed, or boathouse. This easy-to-use kayak lift is an entire hoist system that allows you to effortlessly store your kayak or canoe. Do yourself a favor and pick up the kayak lift to organize and reduce your home, garage, or boathouse’s clutter!

Contact the Kayak Lift Experts!

Radtke Contractors offers various boat lift options, click here to check them out! To get started with your kayak lift installation, please give our team a call today at 920-582-4114. Get out on the water sooner and with no hassle with a Radtke kayak lift. Our team is proud to serve our clients, providing boat lift solutions for commercial and residential customers alike.