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Looking for marine contractors in your local area? Radtke Contractors Inc., based in Winneconne, WI, first launched the marine division in the late 1970's when our original dock was designed, built, and installed by a second generation family member, Thomas Radtke.


Since then, our docks, boat lifts, seawalls, wharves, and other marine structures have always been manufactured in house and installed by our own crews.



Why choose our company to invest in a marine structure? At Radtke, we are local marine contractors with decades of experience dedicated to the proper construction of lifts, seawalls, docks, and other marine structures for both commercial and residential properties.

Benefits of Marine Structures:

  • Marine structures, when constructed properly, will elevate curb appeal and efficiencies.

  • In addition, a marine structure also can significantly increase the value of your home or property.

  • Our skilled contractors have built a long-lasting reputation for quality construction and innovation. This approach eliminates the middle man and allows for a smooth process for customization upon client request.



Need a quote for your dock, seawall, or boat lift? Our professional, certified marine contractors are looking forward to answering your questions. To get started with your marine construction project, please give our team a call at (920) 582-4114.


The marine contractors at Radtke Contractors uses equipment that is well-maintained and that can handle any marine building project. We know that not only does it take experience to get the job done, but also reliable and efficient equipment. We’ve recently added to our marine equipment base, providing an even greater amount of strength and force to complete your unique shoreline project.


Some of our marine equipment base includes:

Tug Boats

Two large, powerful tugboats with pilot houses for pushing barges and other marine equipment

Spud & Crane Barges 

Large, flat-bottomed boats used to transport heavy machinery required for marine construction


Used after equipment is on site to install your new shoreline system


Down Hole Rock Hammers & Drills

Used to drill holes into stone and are capable of providing permanent piling foundations



At Radtke Contractors, our expert marine contractors have consulted and worked within a wide variety of industries. We have worked with the DNR, DOT, FEMA, The Waters Marina & Sailing School, Fratello's Dock & Wharf System, and more.


The following list includes some of our clients that our marine contractors have been proud to serve and will continue to provide exemplary service in the future:  

Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Department of Transportation (DOT)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The Waters Marina & Sailing School (Oshkosh, WI)

Fratello’s Dock & Wharf system (Oshkosh, WI)

Downtown Dam Restoration (Green Lake, WI)

Historic Rush Lake Restoration (DNR)

Wharf & Dock system (Winneconne, WI)

Oshkosh Parks & Recreation Department

Various Public Boat Landings

Various Conservation Clubs



What do marine contractors build?

Our marine contractors are qualified and certified to construct, alter, extend, excavate, or repair any seawall, permanent docks, floating docks, pier, wharf, riprap, boat lift, or boat ramp on a residential or a commercial waterfront property.


Ready to get started with your marine construction project? You can give us a call today at (920) 582-4114.

What are your contractors' area of specialization?

Before hiring a contractor, you will need to ensure that they specialize in marine construction. Marine contractors specifically have expertise and technical skills in the areas of marine construction designs, boat lifts, bulkheads, jetties, and will take environmental factors into consideration with every aspect of the project.


Radtke has been in operation since 1965, providing services for other types of construction, and we have been specializing in marine construction installations since the late 1970s.

Do you have trained professionals?

As you research, make sure to do your due diligence, since some marine companies have contractors who lack professional training. Hiring unqualified workers for the project may cost you a lot of time and money in the long run. Avoid this by ensuring the marine contractors you are working with licensed, trained professionals.


At Radtke Contractors, we value integrity, superior quality, and exemplary service and have educated, fully-trained employees.


If you need a local marine construction service in your local area, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our marine construction team is proud to have served the Winneconne and Oshkosh, WI communities and beyond for more than 50 years.


The marine contractors at Radtke Contractors are looking forward to serving you. For additional information, questions, or a consultation, contact us today!

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