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Radtke docks and piers are a beautiful addition to any waterfront property, providing safe and easy access to the nearby water for recreation, relaxation and utility. Our docks are completely customizable, and available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can depend on us for the high-quality craftsmanship and dependability you deserve.

After acquiring any necessary permits, we design, build and install your dock with safety and detail in mind. By attaching it to a wharf, seawall, landing or riprap, we are able to ensure a secure installation and enhance the lifetime of the structure. If a temporary structure is needed, we are happy to offer our clients the removable seasonal dock, such as a floating dock.

Permanent docks have a number of benefits to them that make them a great solution for those looking to gain greater access to their local waterways and other bodies of water. One benefit that a permanent dock has over a seasonal dock is that they are more robust than its portable counterpart. This will allow them to withstand frequent movement from fast-moving, choppy, and rough waters. 

Similarly, permanent docks provide a far more stable platform than seasonal docks in regards to walkability and dockability. If you plan on having a lot of people walk on or dock their boats at once to your dock, then a permanent dock may be the best option for you. Permanent docks offer a great solution for people who have a restaurant or place of business on the water which this situation applies to.

Beyond their superior stability, permanent docks have a number of other benefits that the popular temporary docks don't have. For starters, permanent docks are typically quieter than their portable equivalent as they don't have any moving parts. Permanent docks also allow more choices if you want to add a boat lift to your dock. No matter the choice that you make, you'll be very pleased with a permanent or temporary dock from Radtke Contractors Inc.

Our dedicated team will walk you through the entire process from design to installation. Our docks are made with the latest docking materials and equipment so that the job gets done quickly and effectively the first time. Regardless of the dock size, our superior quality docks add an unbeatable value to your waterfront home or property. Maintenance options are also available.

When you're ready to improve your waterfront experience, contact us!


Or. to help get started with planning your dock, please refer to our 7 things to consider before building a dock page.

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