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Do you need a professional pontoon boat lift installation? Contact Radtke Contractors today for a pontoon boat lift that will suit your every need. Pontoon boats are easily some of the most popular boats we see on the water today, which is why you will likely want a boat lift to keep your watercraft lasting for as long as possible. Radtke pontoon boat lifts store your craft entirely out of the water.


With a Radtke lift, you can be out on the water within minutes with your boat lift control. In addition, storing your boat is simple and stress-free. You can always trust your investment is protected by the best pontoon boat lift in the industry. Our boat lifts are highly resistant to impact and low-water damage to the floats and other parts of the boat. Furthermore, our boat lifts defy rust, corrosion, and the elements alike, protecting your boat for years to come.


Radtke pontoon boat docks are designed to be portable and expandable, and can be used in any water level, with or without an existing structure. Contact the experts at Radtke Contractors by giving us a call at (920) 582-4114 today!

Pontoon Boat Lift Installations

Radtke pontoon boat lift installations are expandable and interchangeable, making them extremely versatile. Expanding your lift to include a pontoon boat dock makes it safe and easy for you to dock your watercraft and use your pontoon boat lift as a convenient walkway system. And due to the easy modular design, our pontoon boat docks can be quickly expanded upon to custom fit your set up.

Radtke Contractors offers various boat lift options, both customizable and versatile. All watercraft lifts and docks/piers are available for permanent or seasonal (removable) installation. Besides pontoon boat installations, we also provide lifts for kayaks, canoes, WaveRunners, jet skis, pontoons, deck boats, speed boats, sailboats, and more:

Other Boat Lift Types:

Kayaks & Canoes

Jet Skis & WaveRunners

Pontoons & Deck Boats


Speed Boats & Cruisers



There are multiple benefits to consider when it comes to pontoon boat lifts. Some of these include the benefits of: less maintenance for your pontoon boat, the reduction of marine growth and corrosion, keeping your boat looking new for years at a time, and providing quicker access to the water, among others.

  • Less Maintenance

  • Stops marine growth from accumulating on outdrives

  • Hull can easily be wiped down when on lift, keeping it cleaner

  • Keeps your boat looking new for years

  • Protect Your Investment

  • Prevents boat from hitting dock during inclement weather

  • Protects boat and outdrives from electrolysis

  • Maintains higher resale value

  • Immediate access to the water

Contact the Pontoon Boat Lift Experts!

The pontoon boat lift experts at Radtke Contractors are committed to absolute quality and commitment when it comes to all of our boat lift installations. At Radtke, we are proud to have served both commercial and residential clients for decades since opening in 1965. To get started with your pontoon boat lift, please contact us at (920) 582-4114 today!

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