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Safety is our number one concern at Radtke's. We recognize the extreme importance of protecting our employees, customers, and the community. Not only do we uphold legal safety standards, we go above and beyond both state and national safety measures.


We practice accident prevention measures regularly by removing dangerous obstacles and proactively anticipating potential hazards. Organization and project focus are crucial to a safe working environment. Our division managers, foremen, and leadership team members are held at high standards for practicing safety measures. In addition, all Radtke employees are required to attend safety training sessions and seminars whether working in the field or the office.  

We promise our commitment to continued participation in routine safety training and meetings along with following all guidelines to keep the community and our employees safe. We strongly feel there should be no limits on the level of awareness employees learn and keep fresh in their minds.

Hardhat Protection
Hearing Protection
Safety Glasses
Safety Signage
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