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Need a site development plan for your commercial or industrial property? At Radtke Contractors, Inc., we have a strong reputation for delivering quality results – on time and on budget! We use only top of the line, heavy machinery for large site development projects. Every detail of the process is managed by a professional team – no matter if the project involves expanding an existing site or starting fresh.


Contact Radtke for a Site Development Plan

The professionals at Radtke Contractors can create a site development plan for virtually any construction project you require. In fact, we have extensive experience in a wide range of site development projects, some of which include residential subdivisions, commercial and industrial properties, parking lots, and roads.

When it comes to site development, the Radtke team has a strong reputation for delivering quality results, that is undeniable. Contact us today for a consultation or give us a phone call directly at (920) 582-4114!

Site Development FAQs

What is site development?

Site development is the process of laying out and permitting any improvement to a commercial or industrial site, or even a residential site, outside a building or structure. This construction process involves site improvements such as removals, site grading, storm and sanitary sewers, paving, parking, and utility connections.

What is site development planning?

A site development plan involves laying out the configuration of a site. This includes building footprints, setting a blueprint for parking and streets, conceptual landscaping, etc.

What does a site plan include?

At Radtke, we will consider all aspects of your site, such as infrastructure, weather, culture, topography, vegetation, local policies, or existing buildings and structures.

How do you plan your site layout?

There are four processes for an effective site development. This involves (1) taking note of any site facilities that are needed for the project, (2) deciding the sizes and constraints for these facilities, (3) creating inter-connections between the facilities, and (4), optimizing the layout of the facilities of the construction site.

Why Choose Radtke Contractors for Site Development?

We choose the experts at Radtke Contractors for your site development construction project? Our fully licensed and trained site development team is highly skilled to take on any building project you require. We manage each project down to the finest detail, starting with determining jurisdiction, permit, and zoning requirements.


Projects of this nature most often involve clearing, demolition, erosion control, fine grading and shaping, earthmoving, water and sewer, underground storm control structures, and paving.

Radtke Contractors, Inc. has proudly served the Winneconne, Oshkosh, and Fox Cities communities for decades, since we first opened our doors in 1965. With years of combined experience under our belt, our site development planners will construct a blueprint of your site, discuss with you estimated cost, the plan, time estimate for completion of the project, clearing, demolition, water and sewer, and more.

Contact Radtke

At Radtke, we value our clients, and uphold discipline, responsibility, and family. Additionally, innovation, superior quality, and honest work is at the heart of what we do. This means that we welcome questions at any time about your site development project.

Need a construction site development plan? Contact us today for a consultation!

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