After a great day on the water, treat yourself to the ease and security of a Radtke speed boat lift. All of our speed boat lifts are manufactured with a steel superstructure. The walk-around-cradle provides the speed boat owner convenient access to all sides of the watercraft for cleaning, covering, maintenance, and shore enjoyment.


Our speed boat lifts are designed for maximum stability, superior durability, and provide maximum reliability and performance to provide superior watercraft protection. Our speed boat lifts are completely customizable for any type of boat and can be easily converted to accommodate different boat types after purchase.

There are many different types of marine lift and hoists designed for various types of boats and watercrafts. When looking for a boat lift, you will want to know your boat’s loaded weight and beam. You also need to be familiar with the area where the lift would need to be installed. Water depth measurements, soil firmness, and various other considerations should be taken when searching for the proper lift system for your boat.


Radtke Contractors offers various watercraft lift options, both customizable and versatile. All watercraft lifts and docks/piers are available for permanent or seasonal (removable) installation:

Kayaks & Canoes

Jet Skis & WaveRunners

Pontoons & Deck Boats


Speed Boats & Cruisers



A speed boat lift is designed to suspend a boat above the water, either a personal dock or a commercial dock. Utilizing a speed boat lift offers several advantages over keeping it tied at the dock within the water.

Security is one of the main advantages of using a boat lift. You’ll never have to worry about losing your boat or it being smashed against the dock by the water, or about the boat sinking at the dock. The opportunity for marine growth is limited when the speed boat is kept out of the water, so you may not have to apply bottom paint.

Not only are speed boat lifts good for the safety and security of your boat, but it also protects your boat from corrosion. A boat stored on a lift is less subject to dings and scratches, so a lift can even add long-term value to the boat. Keeping a boat at the water is also much handier than launching from a trailer before each outing.