We have a comprehensive history building quality bridges in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Our experienced field workers construct similar structures to fit our client's needs. Our experienced team is well-versed in all stages of project management, from obtaining the proper permits and perfecting the design, to final installation and quality checks.



Pedestrian Bridges

Convenient for pedestrians on foot or bicycle to cross busy roadways, waterways, and other areas

Road Bridges 

Made to allow motor vehicles to cross waterways, railroad tracks, another road for motor vehicles, or other areas requiring an overpass

Railroad Bridges

Steel trestles consist of a series of short and long plate girders that alternate over a row of box-shaped towers that taper outward from the deck to the ground

Wooden Bridges 

Common in walking and snowmobile trails, golf courses, and general pedestrian bridges

Slab Span Bridges

Monolithic, flat concrete beams (slabs) with twisted or roughened reinforcing steel rods concentrated in the lower portion and at either end of the slab

​Foundational Pile Driving

Building solid bridge support from the ground up

Pre-Stressed Girders

Concrete beams poured and set prior to coming onsite to install

Cast-In-Place Structures

Concrete poured onsite

Box Culverts

Usually used for smaller bridges over creeks and streams

Steel H-Piling

Structural, square beams driven into the soil for deep foundation applications to support large bridges and other structures

​Wooden Piles

Used to build long-lasting foundations for structures on land and in water

Retaining Walls

Built laterally supporting soil to avoid spillover, sometimes used for a sidewalk or driveway

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