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At Radtke, our bridge construction experts have decades of experience providing bridge building services. In fact, we have a long, trusted history of building quality bridges throughout Wisconsin since first opening our doors in 1965!

Why Choose Radtke for Bridge Building?


So why choose our company for bridge building services? Our experienced field workers construct similar structures to fit our client's needs. We are well-versed in all stages of project management, from obtaining the proper permits and perfecting the design, to final installation and quality checks.


In addition, every member of our team is fully trained and certified to perform the work on your property. If you need bridge contractors to perform a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing bridge, contact our team here today!

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Residential Bridge Construction
Commercial Culvert Construction
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At Radtke Contractors Inc., we handle just about any bridge construction project you need for your commercial or residential property. Our bridge building services include bridges for pedestrians, cycling, railroads, waterways, highways, and more. Let's take a look:


Pedestrian Bridges

One of the most requested bridge building projects we get is the pedestrian bridge - also known as a footbridge. This bridge type is most convenient for pedestrians on foot or bicycle to cross busy roadways, waterways, and other areas. If you own a park, nature reserve, golf course, zoo, or commercial property and you need a pedestrian bridge constructed, give our team a call!

Road Bridges 

Radtke constructs road bridges to allow motor vehicles to safely cross waterways, railroad tracks, another road for motor vehicles, or other areas requiring an overpass. Contact our bridge contractors for a quote on a large, structurally sound road bridge project. We provide replacement road bridges as well as brand new constructions.

Railroad Bridges

Railroad bridges are steel trestles that consist of a series of short and long plate girders. These alternate over a row of box-shaped towers that taper outward from the deck to the ground. If you need a railroad bridge installation or replacement project performed, give our team a call.

Wooden Bridges 

If you need a simple wooden bridge for aesthetic purposes for your park, pond, garden, golf course, etc., we can build you one! This bridge type is common in walking and snowmobile trails, golf courses, and general pedestrian bridges. 

Slab Span Bridges

Slab span bridges are monolithic, flat concrete beams (slabs) with twisted or roughened reinforcing steel rods concentrated in the lower portion and at either end of the slab. Contact the Radtke Contractors team for more information about slab span bridge project details.

​Foundational Pile Driving

We provide foundational pile driving for building solid bridge support from the ground up. Read more information on our foundational pile driving page to see how we can help you. Foundation piling strategies will depend on the type of bridge in question, the condition of the soil, etc.

Pre-Stressed Girders

To minimize road closure as much as possible, we use pre-stressed girders. If you are not already familiar with what a pre-stressed girder is, they are essentially concrete beams that are poured and set prior to the installation of the bridge. We use these to speed up the construction project as much as possible.

Cast-In-Place Structures

Cast-in-place structures is a type of construction technology that involves building construction where slabs and walls are poured on-site. Depending on the specific needs for your bridge building project, we may use cast-in-place structures.

Box Culverts

We construct box culverts typically for a smaller bridge over a creek or a stream. Contact Radtke Contractors for more information about box culverts for your bridge construction.

Steel H-Piling

Steel H-Piling is a structural, square beam that's driven into the soil for deep foundation applications to support large bridges and other structures.

​Wooden Piles

If needed for your bridge construction project, the Radtke bridge builders will construct wooden piles. These are used to build long-lasting foundations for structures on land and in water.

Retaining Walls

When performing a bridge construction, we will discuss the need for retaining walls if applicable. Retaining walls are built laterally supporting soil to avoid spillover, sometimes used for a sidewalk or driveway.

Read more here about the different types of bridges


Here's an overview of what to expect for the bridge building process:

1. Site Inspection

Prior to construction, the Radtke project team will conduct a thorough inspection of the site. We'll examine the terrain adjacent to the proposed bridge location. This includes 1.) assessing the soil's composition for its strength and depth, 2.) evaluating the topography, and 3.) identifying any potential environmental challenges. These site inspection process is important for guaranteeing your bridge's stability and longevity.


Leveraging the insights gained from these evaluations, along with advanced computer-aided design tools, our bridge engineers are able to simulate the proposed bridge's response to various loads and climatic conditions. This process is instrumental in selecting the most appropriate bridge design and construction methodologies.

2. Foundation Setting

Following the bridge inspection and planning stage, our team's focus will shift to the actual construction site, where the initial task is to lay down the bridge's foundation. This stage involves either 1.) identifying an inherently stable section of land or 2.) driving piles deep into the ground to serve as a robust base.


Subsequently, concrete piers, designed to bear substantial loads, will be erected on these foundations. These piers serve to form the critical support pillars for the bridge structure.

3. Installing Piers & Bridge Supports

Following the installation of the foundational piers, the Radtke bridge construction team will build vertically, elevating each pier to its designated height. The next step involves the integration of key support structures such as abutments—which are positioned at the bridge's extremities to counteract lateral forces—and other essential components like beams, bridge bearings, and retaining walls.


These elements make up the bridge's substructure and play a vital role in reinforcing the bridge to ensure it can adequately support the superstructure.

4. Installing the Girders, Arches, Cables, etc.

The bridge's superstructure encompasses all elements that directly bear the operational loads, such as girders, arches, or suspension cables. During this stage, the Radtke bridge building team also works on the development of the bridge deck and roadway, integrating suitable materials including concrete and asphalt.


This stage also includes the installation of essential safety features like guardrails, lighting, and signage.

5. Final Inspection & Safety Evaluation 

Lastly, the Radtke bridge building team will perform a final quality inspection and exhaustive safety evaluation to ensure the new bridge is compliant with all established quality benchmarks.


These evaluations are crucial for identifying and rectifying any structural issues right away at the close of the project. Once the final inspection and safety evaluation are complete, the team will perform the final installation of the final pavement and electrical infrastructure.

Contact Our Bridge Contractors


No matter if you need a large, involved road bridge project, or a simple wooden bridge for your park, contact Radtke Contractors for professional services. Our team values discipline, responsibility, and family in every project we handle. When it comes to bridge construction, innovative thinking, high quality, honest work, and exemplary service is at the heart of what we do.

In addition to bridge construction, our commercial and industrial services also include site development, roads, excavation, foundation piling, railroads, dredging, ponds, boat ramps, and snow removal. Find out more information about our commercial services here. For additional information, questions or a consultation, contact us today! We are happy to lay out all the details for your bridge construction project!

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