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Do you own a pond in the Winneconne/Oshkosh, WI area or beyond? At Radtke, we provide professional, trusted pond dredging services to help maintain and improve the quality of your pond.

There are several uses for dredging, all of which require heavy machinery and skilled construction crews to complete the job. Call our team today at 920-582-4114 or contact us here to get a quote on your pond dredging service!

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What is Pond Dredging?

Pond dredging is used to remove obstacles underwater, such as rocks and seaweed. This helps to clear the path for watercrafts to pass. These obstacles get tangled in boat props or jet tubes, causing the watercraft to stall.

Not only that, depending on the size of the underwater obstacles, devastating damage can occur to watercrafts. This type of damage can be very expensive to replace and maintain.

Dredging helps create adequate space to construct bridges, dykes and dams which can be very important to a community in need of these structures. It can be useful for deepening or widening existing water bodies. Finally, dredging is used to weed out silt, intoxicants, and pollutants from the bottom of the water.

What are the Benefits of Pond Dredging?

Wondering whether you should hire a pond dredging contractor to help out with improving your pond? Let's take a look at some benefits to pond dredging:

Improved Water Quality

First, pond dredging helps to improve the water quality of your pond. For example, sediments and pollutants can adversely affect the water quality, making it unsuitable for any living fish, plants, and inverts that call your pond home.

Pond dredging services help by removing the sediments and pollutants, significantly improving the water quality of the pond and restoring aquatic life!

Increased Depth

Over time, your pond may accumulate sediment, which builds over time, making it harder for your aquatic life to thrive. This also reduces the pond depth.

Our Radtke team will remove the sediments and increase the depth of the pond, making it much more suitable for aquatic life. When you hire our pond dredging contractors, you are investing in the overall health of your pond.

Better Capacity

Ponds with reduced depth also have reduced capacity. This is something to watch out for since the pool may become unsuitable for recreational activities such as fishing and swimming.

Radtke's dredging services help to increase the capacity of the pond, making it more suitable for recreational activities.

Enhanced Aesthetic Value

Lastly, not only do ponds provide a functional purpose for your home or business, they also, of course provide plenty of aesthetic value.

When sediment and pollutant build or water quality becomes poor over time, you'll want to invest in pond dredging services to maintain your pond's overall appearance. This will, in turn, improve the aesthetic value of your property.

What is Mechanical Dredging?

There are a couple different types of dredging. First, mechanical dredging is a type of pond dredging technique that involves the use of heavy equipment, such as excavators and backhoes. This equipment is used to scoop the sediments from the pond bottom and deposit them into a dump truck or a barge for disposal.

Mechanical dredging is effective in removing heavy sediments and debris, and good for any pond dredging project with easy access.

What is Hydraulic Dredging?

There is also hydraulic dredging. This dredging technique involves the use of pumps to remove sediments from ponds.

The pumps used in hydraulic dredging create a suction effect that works by drawing the sediments from the pond bottom and pumping them into a sedimentation tank. This tank separates the sediments from the water, and the clean water is then transferred back into the pond.

Hydraulic dredging is best for removing fine sediments/pollutants and for any retaining ponds with limited access. Read more here about the differences between mechanical and hydraulic dredging.

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Pond Dredging FAQs

How often should I dredge my pond?

How often you should hire a professional to dredge your pond will depend on several factors. These include the size of your pond, the amount of sediment, and the water flow rate. We recommend having a pond dredging service performed approximately every 5-10 years, or as directed by your local professional contracting service.

How long does it take to dredge a pond?

Again, the duration of the pond dredging service will depend on your pond’s size and the sediment load. Another aspect to consider is the dredging technique used. Usually, the pond dredging service takes several weeks to complete.

How do I prepare my pond for dredging?

To properly prepare your pond for a dredging service, you’ll want to remove any fish and plants safely. Try to clear any fallen trees, rocks, or other debris (or we can handle for you). Lastly, ensure you have spoken to local authorities to obtain the necessary permits.

What happens to the sediments after dredging?

The sediments removed from the pond during the dredging service are disposed of in designated areas such as landfills or used for soil improvement projects. At Radtke Contractors, our pond dredging experts follow local regulations and guidelines for the proper disposal of the sediments.

Contact Radtke for Pond Dredging Services

Pond dredging services are important for your pond’s overall health. From improving water quality, to enhancing their aesthetic value, investing in a mechanical or a hydraulic dredging service will keep your pond in great shape for years to come.

Trust in Radtke's history and experience to deliver quality results for your project. Our dedicated team is happy to answer any questions you may have.


Contact us today for a residential or commercial pond dredging service!

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