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Looking for commercial snow removal in Appleton, WI and beyond? At Radtke Contractors, we understand that navigating Wisconsin winters can be a daunting task. If you've often found yourself concerned about the safety of your employees and customers during the winter, it's time to turn to a local, professional snow removal company instead of trying to clear the snow on your own.


Ready to discuss commercial snow removal for your property? Give Radtke a call today at (920) 582-4114 or contact us.


Radtke utilizes a wide range of heavy duty equipment to service municipal roads and commercial business properties, including rubber tire loaders, motor graders, buckets, snow blowers, skid steers with brooms, salt trucks with plow and wings, and pick up trucks with plows. Our snow removal company:

  • Ensures clear sidewalks with our snow removal services

  • Offers parking lot snow clearance

  • Utilizes loaders for heavy-duty removal

  • Implements ice mitigation techniques on sidewalks and drivable areas

  • Provides snow pile removal, whether relocated onsite or taken to an offsite location

  • Offers skid loader services for specialized tasks

What makes our services different? Our snow removal and plowing differentiation lies in our attention to salt technology and efficiencies. Adding the agricultural bi-product Geomelt® to our road salt creates a more environmentally-friendly chemical process.



Looking to hire a removal service? At Radtke Contractors, our dedication to offering reliable commercial snow removal services is evident in our vast array of heavy-duty equipment tailored for municipal roads and commercial business properties. Besides adding Geomelt®, we also invest in the best machinery, ensuring efficient and reliable outcomes every time.


Here's a list of the types of equipment we use for the most safe and effective snow removal:

  • Rubber Tire Loaders: Rubber tire loaders form an essential component of our heavy-duty fleet. With their rubberized tires, these loaders provide superior mobility, making them especially advantageous for operations requiring swift loading and unloading of materials.


  • Motor Graders: At Radtke, our motor graders are instrumental in road surfacing projects. Whether we are grading a new road or refining an existing one, these machines are designed for precision. Their capabilities ensure smoother, safer roads, enhancing the overall driving experience.


  • Buckets: Our robust buckets, attached to many of our machines, are pivotal for effective digging, scooping, and transporting of materials. Besides snow removal, our buckets' multi-functionality proves invaluable across a range of construction and maintenance tasks, enhancing our service's efficiency.


  • Snow Blowers: Winter presents its challenges, especially with heavy snowfall. At Radtke, our snow blowers are built to tackle these challenges head-on. They stand out for their power and efficiency, quickly clearing vast areas and ensuring that roads and properties remain safe and accessible during the coldest months.


  • Skid Steers with Brooms: Clean-up operations are seamless with our skid steers equipped with brooms. These machines are tailored to sweep and clean surfaces efficiently, ensuring longevity by keeping them free from debris and potential damages.


  • Salt Trucks with Plow & Wings: Radtke's salt trucks are a winter staple. Outfitted with plows to clear snow and wings to spread salt, these trucks are crucial in maintaining road safety during icy conditions. Their dual-function ensures roads are clear of snow and protected against icy hazards.


  • Pick-Up Trucks with Plows: For those jobs requiring better access to tighter spaces, we deploy our pick-up trucks fitted with plows. They strike the perfect balance between agility and power, ensuring efficient snow clearance even in the most challenging spots.




A commercial snow removal service's overall cost will be dependent on a number of factors. These include: the location, type of service, size of the area (such as a driveway or parking lot), the equipment used, contract type, depth of snow, any obstructions, and frequency of snowfalls.

To get an estimate on overall cost, please reach out to the snow removal team at Radtke by contacting us online.



Before the snow falls, you should be looking into what local snow removal company can help clean your commercial property and give you a peace of mind.


If you're interested in Radtke snow removal services, please contact us to discuss your options. Our team is based in Winneconne, WI, but we serve Appleton and the entire Fox Valley area.

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