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Each pond is constructed differently depending on the soil, obstacles, land, and water source. We will make sure your needs are met while providing pertinent information regarding government rules and regulations. Constructing ponds requires heavy construction equipment and a knowledgeable contractor, all of which Radtke can provide.

Excavating 9.jpg

We utilize our quality bulldozers to shape the pond bottom and compact the soils. Depending on the layout of each job site, a clay liner or soil amendments may need to be added. If a tall dike is required, our excavation team uses a backhoe to dig a trench for the dike will and fills in the trench with firmly compressed soil. Once the excavation contractors finish all aspects of the job, the pond may take time to become completely full.


We will walk you through the next steps to ensure you have a complete understanding of how your pond will progress. Contact us today for a consultation.

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