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Looking for retention pond construction services in the Oshkosh, WI area and beyond? At Radtke, each pond we construct will depend on your soil, obstacles, land, and water source alike. Our pond construction team will make sure your needs are met while providing pertinent information regarding government rules and regulations. Constructing ponds requires heavy construction equipment and a knowledgeable contractor - all of which Radtke can provide.


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Excavation Pond Project

What Are Retention Ponds?


Retaining ponds are man-made basins, which professional pond contractors design specifically to capture and temporarily store storm water. Many urban and suburban areas opt for a retention pond construction since they help to reduce the risk of flooding and prevent pollutants from entering nearby water bodies.

If you are located in the Oshkosh, WI area and are interested in having a retention pond built or restored, there are a number of services we provide to help you achieve your dream retention pond design !

Our Retention Pond Construction Services: Step by Step

At Radtke, we utilize our quality, up-to-date bulldozers to shape the pond bottom and compact the soils. Depending on the layout of each job site, a clay liner or soil amendments may need to be added. If a tall dike is required, our excavation team uses a backhoe to dig a trench for the dike will and fills in the trench with firmly compressed soil.

Once the pond excavation contractors finish all aspects of the job, the pond may take time to become completely full.

1. Site Evaluation

One of the first steps in building a retention pond is to evaluate the site to determine if it is suitable for a pond. When you hire Radtke for the job, know your site evaluation will be performed by professionals who specialize in water management. The evaluation process at Radtke includes an assessment of the site's topography, soil types, existing vegetation, and drainage patterns. Based on this information, we will recommend the most appropriate type of pond and the best location for it on your property.

2. Assistance with Acquiring a Permit

Prior to any work, you will first need to acquire a permit. The Radtke pond contractors will help you obtain a permit from local/state regulatory agencies. We assist you navigate the permitting process by preparing and submitting the necessary paperwork and communicating with the agencies on your behalf.

3. Design and Layout

Following the pond evaluation and obtaining the permit, the Radtke pond contractors will help you with design and layout of your pond. This process includes determining the size and shape of the pond, in addition to the location of any necessary infrastructure like water control structures and aeration systems.

4. Excavation, Well Drilling, & Construction

Once we have nailed down the design of the retention pond, the construction process can begin. Radtke's pond construction team will first provide excavation services - such as excavating the pond basin and then constructing water control structures and aeration systems. Radtke provides these services using specialized equipment and fully trained pond contractors to do the job!

5. Pond Liner Installation

To prevent water from seeping into the ground, we also install a pond liner. Pond liners are commonly installed in the bottom and sides of the pond basin. Proper installation of the liner is critical to the success of the pond, since it prevents water from leaking out.

6. Water Control Structure Installation

Many ponds we design will also need to have a water control structure installation. These are essentially used to maintain the water level within the pond. Water control structures usually consist of gates or valves that open and close to permit ease of water flow. Proper installation of water control structures is critical to the success of the pond.

7. Aeration System Installation

Without an aeration system installation, a new retention pond may suffer from poor water quality. This can lead to common, but preventable issues like algae blooms and foul odors. The Radtke pond contractors can install aeration systems to help improve water quality by increasing oxygen levels in the pond. Your aeration system can be passive, such as fountains or waterfalls, or active, such as a diffused air system. Aeration system installation services can help you determine the best type of system for your pond.

8. Fish Stocking & Aquatic Plant Recommendation

Retention ponds can provide habitat for a variety of fish and aquatic plants. There are a variety of fish species that can be stocked in retention ponds. These include but are not limited to bluegill, bass, and catfish. Fish stocking services can help you determine the best species of fish for your pond and can provide the necessary fish for stocking. Of course, the Radtke pond contractors can also point you in the right direction when it comes to best fish and plant recommendations.

Coldspring Excavation Pond Project

Retention Pond Construction FAQs

What is a retention pond?

A retention pond is a pond or a pool that's specially designed to allow for added storage capacity for surface runoff whenever it rains or storms. An experienced marine contractor can create a retention pond by using an existing natural depression, by excavating a new depression, or by building new embankments. New retention ponds should be used instead of existing natural water bodies, because of the risk of pollution and poorer water quality which may damage the system's ecology.

How to build a retention pond?


When building a retention pond, you should use a dam and a spillway. The dam will function by containing the water in the pond. Meanwhile, the spillway, will allow for additional water to escape whenever there is a storm, heavy rain, or flooding. Additionally, you will need to add a levee around the pond to prevent overflowing from occurring.



Can you dig a pond on your property in Wisconsin?

In the state of Wisconsin, as you're planning out the construction of your pond, you'll need to acquire a DNR permit. This is in order to properly construct, dredge, or enlarge your pond. However, maintenance of a pond, such as removing weeds, or an invasive species, (of a pond that was already permitted) does not require a DNR permit. More information here about whether you'll need a DNR permit for your pond.

How deep is a retention pond?

If you're planning on dredging a retention pond, a question you may have is how deep is the retention pond supposed to be? The depth of a pond will vary and the largest/deepest ponds can be as deep as 30 feet. However, most retention ponds will have a depth of between 3 and 6 feet. To ensure that your retention pond is effectively trapping sediment and pollutants, the sides of the basic should have a sloped rate of 3:1.

What is the difference between a detention pond and a retention pond?

A detention basin or pond functions to temporarily stores stormwater runoff by storing it and slowly releasing it until it is fully drained. Meanwhile, a retention basin or pond is designed to be a permanent solution for permanently containing water and tends to provide a higher, better removal of pollutants. At Radtke, we commonly construct a retention pond whenever the groundwater is near the ground's surface.

Contact Our Pond Contractors

Building a retention pond is a complex process that involves a number of specialized services. Do you need a pond contractor to come out to your location and assess your existing pond? Or maybe do you need to discuss a brand-new pond construction?

At Radtke Contractors Inc., a pond construction and design service provider in the Oshkosh, WI area, has helped numerous customers fulfill their dream of owning a personal pond. A well-designed and constructed pond not only offers years of leisure and relaxation for you, your family, and your guests, but it can also enhance the value of your property. As a result, retention pond construction is well worth the long-term investment!

At Radtke, we will walk you through the next steps to ensure you have a complete understanding of how your pond will progress. Contact us today for a consultation for your pond construction!

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