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Do you need foundation piling services? Radtke Contractors has been providing professional deep piling foundation services for decades, and we have years of industry experience to back up what we do.

Pile driving is essential to building a long-lasting, solid foundation. At Radtke, our experience with foundation piling extends across a range of industries. These include engineering, municipal, marine and shoreline enhancement, alike. We also perform deep foundation piling services for both commercial and residential. No matter if the job calls for foundation or sheet pile driving services, it's important to note that we have the state of the art machinery that allows us to drive wood, steel sheet, H pipe and hollow steel pilings deep into the ground.

If needed, we can also perform rock boring, which allows for steel pile driving into the most dense hard rock material.

Ready to get started on your foundation piling project? Simply give Radtke a call at (920) 582-4114 and we'll be happy to discuss the project details with you.

Construction on Waterway Building Wall Protecting Land
Piling Preparation for Waterway Construction

Piling Foundation Overview

What is Piling?

Piling is the process of drilling foundations through to the underground to obtain more structural strength to the weak soil beneath. The process of piling prepares the ground to support the weight of the structure above. Foundation piling services can support structures such as a new home, road, or commercial building.

Piling foundation strategies will depend on several factors:

  • The type of building in question,

  • The condition of the soil,

  • and the type of foundation your structure has


While there are many different foundation materials available to use, pilings are the most common. For more information on what is foundation piling, please take a look at our article here.

Overview of Foundation Pilings

  • Pilings vs Piers: Pilings are a crucial aspect of foundation repair and construction. To compare, piling foundation installation works the same way that piers do with pier and beam foundation. However, there are a few differences to note when it comes to piers and pilings. For example, piers are commonly manufactured from materials like wood, brick, or concrete. By contrast, pilings are made from concrete and steel to ensure maximum strength of the structure it's supporting. Pilings and piers are also constructed a bit differently. Specifically, the team at Radtke Contractors constructs piers on-site, however we construct pilings off-site.

  • Piling Configurations: In addition, pilings come in a number of different configurations. We use concrete pilings the most (these are cylindrical in shape.) Another common configuration for pilings is steel. Steel pilings can be found as either cylindrical, square, or H-and X-shapes. Lastly, depending on the project, hollow pilings, while hollow, are often filled with concrete to improve their strength.

  • Piling Installation: Piling size is determined ultimately by the size of space that's available. Typically, our team will drive larger pilings utilizing diesel hammers or pile drivers, although static installation is preferred for foundation repair applications. In cases like these, we approach this by installing the piles in small sections, via a jack. The deeper the pilings are driven into the ground, the sooner they'll reach soil that is stable, which is known as the point of refusal, (which describes whether the soil can support the weight of the structure above.)

Shoreline Piling Stabilization of Land on Lakeshore

Foundation Piling FAQs

What is piling foundation?

A pile foundation is needed whenever the soil on a site is weak and needs the support of an underground structure. Piles are commonly manufactured from strong materials like concrete and steel. A piling installation is driven into the foundation until it reaches more stable soil, or "the point of refusal." At this point, the piling foundation can support the weight of a building or structure above.

How long do foundation pilings last?

Quality concrete and steel pilings will last you the lifetime of the structure itself. If you're investing in a professional foundation piling service, you'll want to choose a reputable company and also quality foundation pilings.

How much does a piling foundation cost?

The cost of a piling foundation service may vary depending on the type of material used, as well as the size of the project. For specifics, please contact the Radtke team at (920) 582-4114.


Professional Foundation Piling Company

Looking for a foundation piling company in your area? Radtke Contractors is your source for professional foundation piling services in the Oshkosh, Winneconne, and Fox Valley community and beyond.

Based in Winneconne, WI, our company has proudly served clients since we first got started in 1965. Radtke Contractors was founded by Robert and Muriel Radtke, who strongly believed in three fundamental values: discipline, responsibility, and family. Today, we still carry those same values for all of our commercial customers. To demonstrate our commitment to professional deep piling foundation services, we take the time to train our employees to align with our vision. We always strive to deliver on the quality we promise to our customers and the community.

Contact Our Foundation Piling Contractors

Pile driving should be left to our expert piling contractors! If you want to learn more information about the installation process, the difference between concrete or steel pressed pilings, and more, please reach out to our team today. Our team specializes in ALL types of residential and commercial foundation. These include piling installation, pier foundations, beam foundations, and drainage correction alike. Please direct all questions to our contact us page, or give us a call at (920) 582-4114.

Piling Construction
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