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A riprap construction from Radtke protects valuable shoreline and improves the natural habitat. At Radtke, we know that waterfront properties are becoming increasingly difficult to find and the price tag can be quite costly. It's important to factor in the shoreline portion of any waterfront property. With little to no protection of your shoreline, it's susceptible to erosion and being washed away from waves, currents, and ice.

Do you have a residential property that you want to better protect from against erosion? You can protect your waterfront investment with riprap installed by Radtke Contractors. We are the best in marine construction in the region. 

Riprap Installation & Repair Services in Oshkosh, WI

A rock riprap installation dresses up your property while providing a habitat of your shoreline. Available in a range of sizes, it is the natural choice for shoreline protection. At Radtke, our riprap contractors will improve your existing riprap in need of repair or install completely new construction. Our team is committed to quality and excellence in everything that we do.


Please see our before and after pictures below to see our work. If you need to clean up your shoreline and equip it with fresh limestone riprap, please contact our riprap installers today!



Before Picture of Rip Rap Shoreline Project
After Picture of Rock Rip Rap on Shoreline for Improvement and Protection of Landscape

Our Riprap Installation Process

Below, we detail what the riprap installation process all entails, from the initial planning, to the finishing touches:

  1. Site Assessment & Planning: Before the Radtke riprap installers begin any work, we first perform a thorough assessment of the site. This includes taking into account the local geography, extent of erosion, and the specific requirements of the area the riprap will be installed. Our skilled engineers/landscape architects will develop a plan that details the size, type, and placement of the riprap.

  2. Preparing the Foundation: Next, we begin preparation of the foundation. The foundation is crucial for the stability of the riprap. This often involves grading the area and sometimes laying down a layer of geotextile fabric to prevent soil erosion and to maintain the integrity of the underlying soil.

  3. Selecting Riprap Material: While a riprap installation can be made of various materials, it's typically composed of large, angular stones. The size and type of stones will depend on the specific needs of the project. For example, beach areas with strong currents or waves may require larger, heavier stones.

  4. Transporting & Placing Riprap: The riprap is transported to the waterfront, often by truck. Placement is a critical step and is done using heavy machinery. The stones are placed carefully by our team to ensure they interlock and provide maximum stability while also minimizing the impact of waves.

  5. Grading &  Shaping: After the riprap is installed, we now may need to grade or shape the rocks to ensure they conform to the planned design and provide effective erosion control for years to come. This step might also include additional landscaping to promote drainage or to integrate the riprap into the surrounding environment.

  6. Inspection & Maintenance: Once installed, the riprap will require periodic inspection and maintenance. Over time, the forces of water and ice can displace stones, so it's important to check the integrity of the riprap and make necessary repairs. Contact our team today to inquire about riprap maintenance services.

Riprap Construction FAQs

What do you put under riprap?

Typically, riprap has a bedding filter material made from granular materials or nonwoven geotextile fabrics that's placed beneath the actual riprap installation. This bedding/geotextile fabric is placed here to help prevent erosion from occurring. 

How much does riprap cost?

The cost of a riprap construction will depend largely on your geographic location, the total area that needs to be covered, and the type/availability of stone that is selected for the project. Give us a call to get an estimate on your riprap cost.

What is all needed for a riprap design?

The riprap contractors at Radtke can help you determine and give you tips on what you need for your riprap design. To start, we will take into consideration the steepness/ratio of the slope and assess the overall shoreline to check for any possible future concerns. When building riprap, we utilize well-graded rocks of varying sizes, to help create a better interlocking system.

How do you secure riprap?

There are several ways to effectively secure your riprap installation. These include extending the riprap all the way to the top of the bank for better erosion control. You can also have our team utilize chain link fencing, wire mesh (galvanized), etc., to help secure your installation.

Why do they call it riprap?

The nautical term riprap dates back to 1822, when the English word riprap came to mean a “stretch of rippling water, caused by underwater elevations.” The term may also likely be a result of the word “rap,” which also means “blow” or “strike.” Riprap is also called shot rock, rock armor, or rubble.

What kind of stone is riprap?

The best stone to use for riprap is a high quality Ordovician Dolomitic Limestone. This stone type helps to protect shorelines, stabilize slopes, and control deterioration of the coastline. Riprap stones are a manmade solution, however, they are a more natural alternative to prevent coastline erosion and blend into the waterfront environment.

What are the advantages of riprap?

There are many advantages to investing in a riprap installation service. First, this barrier provides an easy-to-use method for lessening water velocity and effectively guarding the soil along your property’s shoreline from erosion. Riprap is also quite easy to install and maintain.

How long does riprap last?

Riprap helps to protect your coastline for many years, lasting even longer than the average life expectancy of a seawall (which is between 30-35 years). Unlike seawalls, ripraps can last a lifetime. While seawalls take quite a direct beating by deflecting waves to prevent erosion, riprap works by absorbing and dispersing the energy of the waves. Contact our expert riprap installers today to get a quote on your project.

Oshkosh Rip Rap Installation Project

Contact Our Riprap Contractors

Why should you hire our riprap contractors? If you want a cleaner, more protective shoreline for your property, contact our team! Our company has been providing trusted marine construction projects since the late 1970s. Not only are we the experts in riprap construction, but we also have extensive experience with boat lifts, seasonal docks,  permanent docks, and seawalls.

At Radtke Contractors, Inc., we value discipline, responsibility, and family, and we focus on innovative thinking, superior quality, honest work, and exemplary service. Additionally, our riprap contractors are fully certified, delivering on the quality we promise. Give our team a call about your riprap construction project at (920) 582-4114 today for an estimate.

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