Our marine contractors have been installing seawalls and other marine structures since 1976. We only employ the most experienced marine experts.

Radtke seawalls are built to enhance and preserve our precious coastline properties. These shoreline devices offer fantastic protection against eroding embankments and bluffs. They also preserve and beautify your coastline property, minimizing damage from unwieldy conditions. Whether vertical, curved, or stepped in structure, they serve as a wave-break and repel water with ease. Our seawalls are made from Southern yellow pine, including a galvanized steel tie beam system and are guaranteed to prevent soil from being pulled into the water and away from your waterfront property.

Install seawalls in combination with rock riprap to create a natural habitat for fish and other shoreline animals is very common.  We also welcome the incorporation of any shoreline plantings or structures into seawall design, such as docks, wall decks and boat lifts.

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Rock Rip Rap to top of Wall.jpg