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There is an ever increasing demand for road construction services in the Appleton, WI area and Fox Cities. At Radtke Contractors, we have decades of experience with road excavation and construction services. Our road building services include road designs, shoulders, aggregates, repairs, maintenance, and more.


At Radtke Contractors, we have solid connections with companies in a diverse range of industries because we have worked in this space since 1965. If you need a road construction service, please contact our team at (920) 582-4114 or get your estimate online today.


At Radtke, our road building contractors always take every step in this layered process to ensure every detail is carefully reviewed. Our extensive history in excavation, along with our reputation for quality, guarantees that our crew is the best choice for any upcoming project. Please take a look at our road building portfolio to see the quality of our work:


Excavation and soil setting for road construction preparation is important for stability of the road structure for years to come. At Radke, we focus on quality road excavation, construction, and soil setting, for commercial, educational, government, food processing, healthcare, manufacturing, religious, residential customers, and more.


Here is a list of the road construction services we provide:

  • Clearing land/property

  • Assessment of quality and/or damage to existing asphalt

  • Widening existing roads or highways

  • Constructing roadway base layers and asphalt application

  • Testing expansion joints

  • Drawing up maintenance and repair plans

  • Predicting service life of your road/highway

  • Inspection of road product application

The complexity of constructing driveways, roads, and highways often requires multiple contractors in specialized fields. As a result, it's of the utmost importance for road contractors to have tenure and experience working alongside other local companies.


Every road construction client relies on a seamless and often unseen collaboration in the beginning phases to install these massive structures.


Look no further than the team at Radtke for a safe, complete, and professional road construction service. Our road building team is equipped professional knowledge and decades of experience in the industry. Besides road construction, our commercial services also include bridges, site development, general excavation, foundation piling, railroads, dredging, ponds, boat ramps, and snow removal.


If your business or property needs a road constructed, please reach out to our team and we'll be in touch shortly. Or, if you have questions or would like to discuss next steps about the construction process, please call at (920) 582-4114 or contact us today!

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