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Our temporary docks are designed, manufactured, constructed, and installed with the same quality standards as our permanent docks. The main difference between the two variations is that the temporary docks can be easily removed from the water while the permanent docks are designed to be a permanent fixture to your residence.

Below we will go over many of the benefits that come with having a temporary dock and why you might want to invest in this solution as opposed to a permanent dock. 

Seasonal Docks Removable
Barge Moving Seasonal Docks Installation
Boat Lift with Dock Pier Seasonal without Roof
Effortless Transport of Seasonal Dock Pier Radtke

There are many reasons to install a removable dock on your waterfront property. For starters, there are numerous waterways and bodies of water in Wisconsin that have government and community restrictions against permanent structures being built on their coasts. The reason for these restrictions is that large, permanent piers often have a negative impact on fish & other aquatic life and can also interfere with swimming & boating. According to the Public Trust Doctrine, lakes and rivers belong to everyone, and waterfront owners have a reasonable right to a pier, but not an unlimited right. If your property falls into this category, then a temporary dock will be perfect for you!


Not only will a temporary dock allow you to more easily circumnavigate Wisconsin's coastal laws, but an additional benefit to owning a temporary dock is that you will be able to remove your dock during harsh Midwest winters. Anyone who's experienced a Midwest winter while let you know how harsh and unforgiving they can be. With ice shoves and strong currents, these Midwest winters wreak havoc can damage structures in affected waterways and even shorelines if the conditions are bad enough. If you opt to have wheels installed underneath your temporary dock, then removing your dock will be a breeze as your can simply roll your dock onto land during the winter!

Another benefit that temporary docks have over permanent docks is that they can be adjusted and moved in order to meet the needs of any shoreline changes. For instance, if your shoreline were to ever rise or fall due to varying water levels, you would be able to easily adjust your temporary dock to accommodate the changes. It's also possible to move your dock to a new location if you ever needed to relocate it. Essentially, the added portability & functionality that temporary docks offer can make a great addition to any shoreline.


No matter which option you choose, our knowledgeable marine team can answer all of your question questions about restrictions, permits, aerators, and recommendations. We walk you through the entire process from consultation to installation.  

When you're ready to improve your waterfront experience, contact us!

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